Tabex - smoking pills: instructions for use

Tabex - anti-smoking pills

Tabex tablets are a real opportunity to quit smoking or significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Here nature comes to the rescue: the raw material for Tabex is the creeping plant . From this plant, the cytisine alkaloid is isolated , which is the active substance of Tabex. Since 1999, when Tabex was launched in Bulgaria, many thousands of people got rid of the harmful habit of smoking with these pills. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by clinical studies and numerous reviews of grateful patients.

Action of tablets

Tabex relieves withdrawal symptoms, i.e. the state of discomfort that occurs in a person who quit smoking. It removes the physiological dependence of the smoker on nicotine.

This is achieved due to the content in the Tabex alkaloid of cytisine . This substance by its mechanism of action is very similar to nicotine, but does not have such harmful properties. The effect of cytisine on metabolic processes in the human body creates the effect of nicotine replacement. Therefore, a person taking Tabex tablets does not feel as much craving for smoking as before. There is a kind of "deception" of the body: I ​​got such a pill - as if I had smoked a cigarette.

If you combine Tabex with smoking, you get unpleasant sensations, as with an overdose of nicotine. Thus, taking this drug, a person involuntarily smokes less and less cigarettes every day, and then completely refuses them, without experiencing any pain: the body is "euthanized" by the action of cytisine.

Tabex - instructions for use

Product release form

Tabex is available in coated tablets. The content of cytisine (active substance) in one tablet is 1.5 mg. The package contains 100 tablets; this amount is enough for one course of treatment.

How to take Tabex (method of application and dosage)

Tabex tablets are swallowed with plenty of clean water . You do not need to chew the tablet, it is swallowed whole. With the time of eating, the drug is not associated.

The course of treatment with Tabex is carried out according to the following scheme:
1st - 3rd days: 1 tablet. every 2 hours, only 6 times (for example, from 10.00 to 20.00). The daily dose, therefore, is 9 mg (6 tablets).
4th - 12th days: 1 tab. every 2.5 hours, only 5 times. The daily dose is reduced by 1.5 mg and is 7.5 mg (5 tablets).

13th - 16th days: 1 tab. every 3 hours, only 4 times. The daily dose is 6 mg (4 tablets).
17th - 20th days: 1 tab. every 5 hours, only 3 times. The daily dose is 4.5 mg (3 tablets).
21st - 25th days: 1 tab. 2 times a day, then 1 time a day. The daily dose is reduced to 1.5 mg (1 tab.).

The number of cigarettes smoked per day should gradually decrease, and on the 5th day of treatment, the patient should completely stop smoking. If this effect cannot be achieved, Tabex is discontinued. After 2-3 months, begin the course of treatment first; if this attempt is unsuccessful, the patient should look for another way to quit smoking.

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