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Acidification and alkalinising products - Alkaline Foods

Acidification and alkalinising products - Alkaline Foods

What is acidifying and alkalinising foods?

Acidification and alkalinising products, products that are in one way or otherwise affect our body's pH (acid-base balance). To be healthy, it is necessary to maintain the correct acid-alkaline (pH) balance in the body. Disruption of pH may affect a number of diseases, including cancer, as well as to accelerate the aging process. The ideal pH of human blood is 7,365, that is slightly alkaline.

Acids and grocery list

Strong acidifying (pH 4-3>) Easy to acidify (pH ~ 5-6) Neutral (pH ~ 7) Easily alkalinising (pH ~ 8) Strong of lye (pH 9-10)
Pistachios, cranberries, wheat, popcorn, white gives Milk, yogurt, soy milk, goat's milk butter Apples, almonds, avocados. Olive oil, salad, borage oil, SIVECO zucchini
Beef, plums, most nuts, blackberries, tomato sauce Coconuts, eggs, fish, tea, oats Sour cream without salt Mushrooms, turnips, olives, red pepper Fresh peas, sweet potatoes, sprouted grains, fresh eggplant, alfalfa sprouts
Sweetened fruit juice, beef, pork, wine Red beans, plums, juice from concentrate fresh milk Radishes, cherry, millet Fresh green beans, blueberries, pears, mangoes, papaya, figs, dates
Crustaceans, cheese, goat cheese, soda, pasta Rice bread, spelled, brown rice, cocoa, sprouted wheat bread margarine Wild rice, strawberries, apricots Tangerines, melons, kiwi, grapes
Chocolate, vinegar Liver, oysters, salmon tuna, cold-water fish Oils (except olive) Cantaloupe, honeydew honey Fresh spinach, fresh broccoli, artichokes
Processed food products Baked beans, chicken, turkey, beer Water from the tap Peaches, oranges, grapefruit, banana Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, fresh celery
Microwave oven heated food White rice, potato, lentils, butter (margarine) with salt   Fresh corn Cauliflower, carrots, potato peelings
Coffee, black tea Wheat bran, rhubarb, molasses   Tomatoes Lucerne, cucumbers, leafy vegetables
Tobacco smoke Most of the grain   pineapples Seaweed, Asparagus
distilled water Sugar, canned fruits   Soybeans Lemons and limes (lime)

Easily alkalinising products in the table, fried or otherwise treated, can become acidic, and it is recommended to consume the products fresh.

Also, acidification of the body especially stress, excitement, overworking the lack of sleep and tobacco smoke.

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