The most successful cancer diet has been banned! Here's the recipe!

Dr. Johanna Budwig has found a cure for cancer cure, but doctors refused to apply it. That's why...

Biochemist, Dr. Budwig became large pharmaceutical companies enemy because of his treatment saved many patients. She encouraged his cancer treatment method, based on conventional foods.

Her work on the fatty acids it brought 7 Nobel Prize nominations in the medical field! She died at 95 years of age in 2003.

In view of the fact that cancer treatment used in the most expensive drugs, preparations, the fear of losing profits, large pharmaceutical companies actively struggled with dr. Budwig idea.

It is non-toxic ingredients safely treated patients, with no side effects to them. Unfortunately, her works were suppressed. Many people have never heard of Budwing system.

Dr. Johanna Budwig She claimed to have found a way to cure cancer, but doctors refused to listen to her, they were afraid of losing their job and financial return.

Cancer industry large pharmaceutical company is one of the most profitable.
Research found that the amount of oxygen in cancer patients is significantly lower than in healthy people. Oxygen deficiency leads to the development of tumors, the cells are forced to change (mutate), nurturing energy self-sufficiency.

One way - to receive energy during sugar fermentation.

In normal human blood oxygen level is between 98 and 100 when measured with a pulse oximeter, the cancer patient is only 60th

Cancer patients is changed by the oxygen content of waste arising from, for example, carbon dioxide. Oxygen deficiency leads to tumors, the cells are forced to mutate in an attempt to provide energy from sugar fermentation process.

The waste products of fermentation accumulate in the tissues, causing an even greater amount of toxic materials, resulting acidosis develops and cells of oxygen deficiency.

Otto Warburg Thus, these factors lead to an increase in cancer cells. This oncological process development identified by Dr. Otto Warburg presenting evidence, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 achievements.

Budwing system alkalosis when alkaline body stimulates faster oxygen than any other therapy. Cancer cells can not develop if the body has enough oxygen.

Alkaline water recipe

Dr. Budwig believed that fat diet can lead to health problems, so it is to avoid foods that cause cells to oxygen starvation, adding to a healthy diet and essential fatty acids.

It has proved the need for the use of fatty acids.
It also considered that sunlight, which is required for the production of vitamin D 3, naturally have a strong anti-cancer properties.

Her treatment system consists of two phases, the first of which is based on natural cottage cheese and flax seed oil. In severe cases, flaxseed oil offered for use as an enema. The second phase consists of a special diet, which lasts six months.

This recipe has been recommended for healthy people as prevention of cancer. It was necessary for cancer patients as part of a system which is used at least once a day. The nutritional therapy is called "Flax Seed Muesli" flax seed muesli.

Flax seeds Musli

Put 1 teaspoon honey and 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds in a bowl. Be sure to use flax seeds, fresh or freshly ground.

Next, you can add fresh organic fruit (any fruit that is in season, such as apples, berries, peaches, grapes, etc.). Never use a banana to the mix, as Dr. Budwing believes that bananas have a lot of sugar, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and is not suitable for patients with cancer.
Take 3 tablespoons of flax seed oil and mix it with 100 grams (about 7 tablespoons) cream. Mix well. You can improve the taste of inserting vanilla or cinnamon. The latter helps to regulate blood sugar. You can add and nuts on top. All nuts are helpful, but peanuts are the least.

In addition, dr. Budwing included flax seed oil or fresh ground flax seed to your patients' diet, every three hours.

Those who do not have cancer, you may simply use every day for 3 - 4 grams of flax seed oil and about 3 ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 grams) of protein (cheese, cottage cheese, goat cheese). Use only natural and fresh products are approved and cottage cheese and flax seeds or flax oil. If you have not cottage cheese, yogurt is also a preferred embodiment, only to be natural. Goat's milk cheese is a better alternative. If the curd, yogurt, cottage cheese is to buy and not homogenized, it is important to supplement with vitamin C and folic acid.

first step


5 tablespoons of flaxseed oil or 3 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed
1 cup cottage cheese
a little black pepper (optional).
This product mixture is recommended at least once a day. Please note that the need to eat a wooden woo, not metal!

In the second stage, you have to follow the rules listed below:

eat only fresh products
Do not drink tap water or bottled water
Avoid sugar, processed foods, animal fats (lard, fatback) and non-organic meat
Do not drink alcoholic beverages
Avoid butter, margarine, mayonnaise
replace sugar in the natural sweetener, such as honey, stevia
Avoid salads and sauces from shops
drink a cup of tea 3 times a day, as well as fresh-squeezed vegetable juice, carrot, celery and beets. A good choice is peppermint, rose hips or grape tea. Sweeten it with honey. One cup of black tea before noon is fine
Avoid all artificial sweeteners and soft drinks (including high fructose corn syrup)
Avoid salt
Avoid white bread, white ties, white flour
eat food freshly prepared - not warmed, and not lingering
Do not consume soy products
Take coconut oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, one tablespoon per day, recommended Dr. Budwig
Avoid hydrogenated (hardened) oil and never use fish oil
every day drink green tea
Reduce cosmetics and sun protection creams, as well as to find a much healthier manner soap, bleach and detergent
Limit the use of chemical drugs.

Finally, I recommend to read (to get an overall picture and selective in what really is useful and what is not, some argue that fish oil is beneficial, but this article says, and is not recommended for a total consumption of fish oil), this article of fats, oils and fish oil mythology

If you have your own opinion about it share with other family members, comment, perhaps it's what you need! Moreover, it does not cost much, but on the contrary everything is natural and cheap. It would be interesting to hear the opinion of patients with the disease about maybe someone will try and how lucky ... Caring for yourself and do not let earn pharmaceutical companies. We would like to inform learned every Lithuanian citizen. For the greater number of people know about it and take advantage of the more chances to learn about this method of treatment the truth!

I want to wish you all, first of all stay healthy, the disease and the second recovery! All health and peace!


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