The nine poisonous foods we eat daily

The nine poisonous foods we eat daily.

The food that we are accustomed to eat every day and which seems to us appetizing, can be a real poison for the body. 

1. Raw smoked sausages 

The danger of uncooked smoked sausages, which are often found in our refrigerators, lies in the fact that no one smokes them for a long time. Today, many manufacturers use smoke liquids, which contain hazardous formaldehyde. However, cooked sausages should also be avoided - they are made from genetically modified soy.

2. Red caviar

Red caviar is stored for a very short time, and its shelf life is shorter than the time of transportation from the places where it comes from. Manufacturers found two ways out - to salt the product strongly or to freeze. But there is a third (fairly common) option - add urotropin or citric acid. The output is formaldehyde (a colorless gas with a pungent odor, irritant, toxic).

3. Lollipops

Often in candies you can find various chemical essences that are very harmful to health. A lot of frightening videos with experiments appeared on the Web, clearly demonstrating what happens in a person's stomach when there is candy. The results are sometimes so frightening that you will not want to eat a lollipop for a long time.

4. Sprats

Conscious manufacturers do not hide from their citizens that the product contains the carcinogenic substance benzpyrene, which is a substance of the first hazard class. Carefully read the composition of the products before you buy something.

5. Dairy products with a long shelf life

Surely you noticed that pasteurized milk stored in the refrigerator in the open can be stored for weeks, while experts say that if milk is stored for up to two weeks, then this is the permissible norm, and if more, antibiotics are added to the product. 

6. Watermelons and melons

Buying watermelons before August is deadly for your health. And it is best to abstain until September - then there will be more chances to eat a watermelon, ripened without additional processing.

7. Hens

The broiler meat, which to date has filled the shelves of all meat departments, cannot be grown without growth hormones. Chickens are fed a large number of female hormones, including progesterone, and therefore their meat becomes hazardous to health.

8. Cream cheese

Doctors claim that this product is completely not absorbed by the stomach. Nevertheless, the popularity of curd cakes does not decrease, mainly because of their low cost.

9. Sweet Carbonated Drinks

Sweet carbonated drinks are a mix of sugar, chemistry and gases. A well-known fact - Coca-Cola, for example, eliminates limescale and rust. After that, I don’t want to know what happens to the stomach. Juices in packages that have long been called natural are no less harmful.

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