ALAnerv x 20 capsules

Alfa Wassermann

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  • ALAnerv used as preparation for nourishing nerve cells, thus it supports the functioning of the nervous system.

Lwas alpha-lipoic acid, borage oil containing 22% of gamma-linolenic acid, selenium, vitamin E and

Alpha-lipoic acid has the property of vitamin-,, \ '\'. He is known mainly thanks to its action as a coenzyme
cellular metabolism. Promotes and participates in important metabolic cycles. Besides being one of the most important physiological antioxidant. Gamma-linolenic acid whodzi in the mucous membranes. Supplementing a positive effect on the plasticity of cell membranes and nerve conduction. Also affects positively on the production of inflammatory prostaglandins. The simultaneous presence of alpha-lipoic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, thanks to their antioxidant and neurowaskularnym, allows the common effects on cellular damage at various levels. Selenium is a major component of many anti-oxidant enzymes.

ALAnerw used as preparation for nourishing nerve cells.  The preparation ALAnerv overtired recommended for people having problems with concentration and other mental processes, as well as the alternative for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Dosage: The
recommended to take 1-2 capsules a day, during an main meals.