VEROVAL Home iron test shortage x 1 piece | iron deficiency test


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  • Iron deficiency test. Home test Iron deficiency Veroval allows to find shortages of this element in the body. The test is characterized by high accuracy and ease of performance. The test is recommended for people who observe permanent fatigue and pallor.

Test box in a plastic bag - 1 item, pipette - 1 piece, vessel with sample dilution buffer - 1 item, automatic lancets (1 replacement) with a sterile scalpel for taking a blood sample - 1 piece, glass capillary tube in a protective vessel - 1 item, swab soaked in alcohol - 1 item, plaster - 1 piece, instructions for use.

Iron deficiencies can lead to lethargy, exhaustion, frequent feelings of fatigue, paleness, headache, loss of concentration, palpitations and shortness of breath after exercise. These symptoms are related to the fact that iron plays an important role in the transport of oxygen to all body cells and influences energy metabolism. The Veroval home test with 95% accuracy allows to determine any iron deficiency. You only need a drop of blood and a few minutes to perform the test. The diagnostic test is very easy to do at home.

Veroval Home test Iron deficiency designed to detect iron deficiency in the body.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Protect against light and moisture.

Directions for use:
Prick skin with a lancet and take a blood sample. Mix the blood with the diluent and place the mixture in the test box. Wait for 10 minutes, after that time read the result.