AA private SENSITIVE Intimate wipes x 20 pieces


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  • AA SENSITIVE Intimate Wipes for intimate hygiene with lactic acid, help in maintaining proper hygiene and grooming pubic area without interfering with the natural pH of the skin and mucous membranes. The product does not contain a fragrance.

100% biodegradable, does not contain alcohol, and fragrance compositions.

AA Intimate Sensitive Wipes for intimate hygiene, are indicated for the daily care of intimate places - especially for people with a very delicate, sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergies. The wipes are made of soft, soft cloth moistened with special ingredients - including lactic acid, which upholds the optimal pH for the pubic and soothes any irritation. Product dermatologically tested and gynecological. It does not contain a fragrance.

AA Intimate Sensitive Wipes for intimate hygiene, are recommended to supplement the daily hygiene of intimate places - at home, at work, on a trip - wherever it is impossible to traditional toilet. Product suitable for people with sensitive and allergic skin.