ALBOTHYL 0.09 x 6 globules, yeast infection, bacterial vaginitis


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  • Albothyl medicament is in the form of globules, indicated for use in the case of bacterial vaginitis. Central helps to maintain the acidic pH of the vagina, which is detrimental for bacteria.

1 globule contains 90 mg polikrezulenu

Excipients: Macrogol 4000, Macrogol 1500, edetynowy acid.

Action: Albothyl globules is a medicine containing polikrezulen that acts selectively on the protein necrotic tissue and diseased. In addition, this substance has an acidic pH, and the acidification of the vaginal environment adversely affects the development of pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation and irritation intyme.

Usage: Vaginally. 1 globule once daily (at night), or every other day.

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