Altacet, joints pain relief


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Altacet x 6 tablets, joints pain relief

  • Joints pain relief. Altacet used in swelling after contusions tissues and joints.

1 tablet. It contains 1 g of aluminum acetate tartrate.


Altacet, joints pain relief Action:

The preparation for solution of the astringent. Reduces tissue swelling, alleviates inflammatory reactions and causes pain relief within the inflammatory focus.

Indications: edema after contusions tissues and joints.

Contraindications: open wounds and skin changes at the site of application preparation. Children under 3 years of age.

Pregnancy and lactation: In lactating women do not apply compresses the breast, as this can cause poisoning suckling child.


Altacet, joints pain relief Dosage:

Externally, to prepare wraps, compresses and dressings: 1 tablet. dissolved in 1/4 (50 ml) cup of hot, boiled water. Wraps change so often, that is not allowed to dry out.