BIOVAX shampoo for colored hair 200ml


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  • BIOVAX shampoo for colored hair, is designed for intensive and comprehensive hair care treatments laden styling. It contains ingredients that make your hair strong, healthy and full of shine.

Celquat, microemulsion micro-lv, a composition of essential oil, sweet almond and honey, 100-percent extract, henna Action:BIOVAX shampoo for colored hair, makes hair become strong, healthy and shiny, and the color persists for a long time - even after seven washes. It Contains Celquat, whose operation makes the dye introduced into the hair is not washed away as fast as during normal maintenance. As a result, the hair longer delight deep, vibrant color for many weeks look fresh, as if they were recently dyed. How to use: A small amount of shampoo Apply to wet hair, massage your hair and scalp, until the foam. Then rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.