Calcium Hasco Allergy syrup flavored with raspberry 150ml


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  • Calcium Hasco Allergy syrup flavored with raspberry supports the work of the skeletal system. It works remineralizująco. In addition, the symptoms of allergic and participates in the regulation of electrolyte.  Children up to 6 years.

Calcium Hasco Allergy Composition:
100 ml syrup contains: glubionate, calcium - 29.4 g of calcium lactobionate - 6.4 g, and excipients sucrose, propionic acid, sodium benzoate, dilute hydrochloric acid, purified water

Calcium Hasco Allergy Action:
CALCIUM HASCO syrup flavored with raspberry provides the body with calcium. It is one of the essential minerals. It helps to regulate the body's electrolyte. It works exudation and przeciwobrzękowo.Relieves the symptoms of allergic. This is done inter alia in reducing the permeability of cell membranes and vessels. It supports the proper functioning of a large number of regulatory mechanisms. It plays an important role in the process of conduction, neuromuscular. Supports muscle function. He takes part in mineralization and bone growth. CALCIUM HASCO syrup flavored with raspberry favorable effect on the functioning of the body.

- allergic to the constituent substances preparation
- increased blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia, hypervitaminosis D)
- hypercalciuria
- a substantial disorder of renal function
- kidney stones
- atrioventricular block.

Calcium Hasco Allergy Indications:
The preparation should be used to supplement the deficiencies of calcium, as well as in case of increased demand for this mineral (eg. Pregnancy, lactation, rickets). Indicated as a subsidiary with the symptoms of allergies.

Calcium Hasco Allergy Dosage:
For oral use. In adults, use 15 mL x 2-3 / 24. Children up to 6 years administer 5 ml syrup x 2-3 / 24. Children 6 to 12 years administered 10 ml of syrup x 2-3 / 24.