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Collagen Arthro Sprint x 60 capsules, collagen supplements


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  • Collagen supplements. Aliness Collagen Arthro Sprint thanks to advanced technology LICAPS has a 40% greater absorption of active substances.Regenerates joints, it exhibits prophylactic action recommended for people with active lifestyles.

Active ingredients preparation Collagen Arthro Sprint


1 capsule LICAPS®

2 capsules LICAPS®

Natural Fish Collagen

200.00 mg

400.00 mg

Wheat germ oil

50.00 mg

100.00 mg


50.00 mg

100.00 mg

Vitamin C

40.00 mg (50% *)

80.00 mg (100% *)

Hyaluronic acid

9.00 mg

18.00 mg

E vitamin

6.00 mg (50% *)

12.00 mg (100% *)


6.00 mg

12.00 mg

Vitamin D3

2.5 mg (50% *)

5.00 mg (100% *)

Vitamin B6

0.70 mg (50% *)

1.40 mg (100% *)

Vitamin B2

0.70 mg (50% *)

1.40 mg (100% *)

*% Recommended daily allowance

A large dose of hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil, natural collagen origin of fish and the content of vitamin and mineral complex condition broad spectrum of action of the product. Aliness -Kolagen Sprint Arthro regenerates, tones and strengthens the status of articular cartilage. It helps to maintain the natural functions of the joints. Recommended for people with active lifestyles whose joints are particularly exposed to weakness, which in turn increases susceptibility to various injuries and illnesses


  • for physically active people, with particular emphasis on the following sports: running, nordick-walking, strength sports and cycling,
  • a history of sports injuries,
  • after excessive physical exertion,
  • to improve the functioning of the joints,
  • convalescence damaged joints,
  • adjunct to surgery and fractures.
  • degenerative arthritis,
  • prophylactic effect.

How to use:
1 -2 capsules daily during or after a meal with water.