DETOCELL x 30 capsules, cellulite scrub


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  • Detocell, a formulation designed for women with cellulite problems. Natural Ingredients, of which a synergistic effect on the improvement of cell metabolism of the skin, thus leading to a reduction in the so-called. "Orange peel".

Fish oil, borage oil, dry extract of wąkrotki Asian, dry extract of grape seeds, dry extract of seaweed Action: Detocell, is an innovative product designed for women prone to troublesome cellulite. This disease, is the most common disorders in the microcirculation of the skin and abnormal cellular metabolism of fat. The changes caused by these irregularities lead to the formation of unsightly fat noticeable mainly on the thighs and buttocks. Detocell comprises contain components which effectively influence the improvement of cell metabolism of the skin. The composition is inter alia valuable borage oil, which affect blood flow in the skin and its nourishment and improved oxygenation. Included in gamma linolenic acid oil with Omega-6, regulates metabolism and detoxifies the body. In addition, dry extract of seaweed and wąkrotki Asian improves lymphatic circulation, and grape seed extract is a source of antioxidants that protect cell membranes from free radicals and the protective effect on blood vessels. Preparation Detocoll, fish oil additionally contains unsaturated fatty acids comprising omega-3, which are important in maintaining a healthy skin condition. As a result, the skin becomes better oxygenated, more flexible, and changes cellulite less visible.Application: Detocoll, the preparation to help fight cellulite. It improves lymphatic circulation, regulates cellular metabolism and cleanses the body. Usage: Adults - 1 capsule per day during a meal. When the product is recommended to increased physical activity.