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DUREX LOVERS CONNECT gels intimate 2 x 60ml

SSL International

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  • DUREX LOVERS CONNECT is a set containing 2 gels intimate - one shows warming properties and is designed for women, and the second cools and should be used in men. Gels increase sexual sensation.

Set includes 2 types of gels. One is responsible for the intense warming and moisturizing. It eliminates the dryness of the vagina, thereby removing discomfort occurring during sexual intercourse.The second gel but has a strong cooling properties and is targeted for men. The use of both products in the loving couples increase sexual sensations and improves comfort compared. Kit definitely improves the quality of amorous dalliance and adds a sensual caress.

Gels are designed for use in men and women during vaginal sex, anal or oral sex. Used to increase the comfort and sexual experiences.

How to use:
Apply topically. After removing the cap from the bottle, squeeze the appropriate amount of gel and spread it in their chosen location on your body or your partner. Gels can also be mixed with each other.