ETIAXIL Strong roll-on 15ml, best deodorant for women


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  • Etiaxil Strong is a really strong support in the fight against hyperhydrosis. Discomfort, stains on clothes, unpleasant smell of sweat, despite maintaining a high level of hygiene? Reach Etiaxil Strong! The efficacy of confirmed in clinical studies!


Etiaxil Strong is the strongest weapon of all antiperspirant product family brand. The efficacy of confirmed in clinical studies - no unpleasant smell of sweat, no wet spots on clothing! It's possible! 1 app is a protection for 5 days! Only 1 application divides you from feeling really fresh and dry.


Etiaxil Strong antiperspirant is recommended for people with a strong and annoying hyperhydrosis. Recommended for normal skin.

How to use:

The preparation, use on clean, dry skin. 1 application preparation Etiaxil Strong provides protection for 5 days.