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Hemp protein powder is made from hemp seeds. It inherits all the health qualities of hemp seeds, and at the same time has a very high protein content (about 48.5%). This makes it exceptional for athletes and people who lead an active life.

Hemp powder contains vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is easily absorbed by the human body and has no gluten. Hemp powder has an optimal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, which is why it has a good effect on menstruation and menopause, as well as on dry hair and skin.

Hemp and THC
When it comes to hemp for food, textile and cosmetic purposes (also known as "industrial" hemp), specially cultivated Cannabis crosses are used. The varieties intended for daily use are selected so that they do not contain the psychoactive substance THC (to which marijuana has its effect).

The plant has a total of three major subspecies:
Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil / oil do not contain THC for two reasons:
- They are obtained from industrial hemp that does not contain THC
- The substance THC is localized in the leaves and not in the seeds / seeds and the oil extracted from them.

1.Add to raw smoothies. Add 2 teaspoons to smoothies. You can also add a banana to balance the nutty aroma of hemp.

2. Stir in nut oils. Blend a small amount of hemp protein with ground nuts to increase the protein content of the pate by adding essential fatty acids. Use sparingly as a start, then increase the amount to your liking.

3. Combine with fruit pâtés. Add a small amount of hemp protein to sliced ​​and mashed bananas to make a "raw" topping for crackers and bread.

4. Mix with muesli or milk (nut or sour). Increases the nutritional value of popular foods and can satisfy the need for protein and essential fatty acids.

5.Use in muffins or breads. Use small amounts at the beginning of the recipe and then increase according to your taste.

6. Use in "raw", dehydrated foods.
Replace hemp with flax in raw, dehydrated crackers or use both together