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HIALEYE 0,2% eye drops 10ml


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  • Moisturizing droplets for preventive use on dry eye syndrome. They effectively protect against irritation and dryness caused by, among others. work on computer, long drive, air conditioning, wind, pool water.
Sodium hyaluronate 0.2%; disodium phosphate; sodium dihydroorthophosphate; sodium hydroxide, sodium edetate; benzalkonium chloride; Water for injections.

Sodium hyaluronate, a natural component of tear film, has the ability to bind water and thanks to these features it is an ideal ingredient in artificial tears.
The formulation is characterized by high viscosity and thus, after administration to the conjunctival sac, is maintained on the surface of the eye without disturbing the visual acuity.
It is well tolerated, because it perfectly adheres to the surface of the cornea, producing a moist film that forms the whole with tear film. It is thanks to the properties of creating even, moisturizing, hardly washable and long-lasting surface of the eye effectively protecting the eye from irritation and dryness.

1 drop of the preparation should be added to each eye 2-3 times a day