KWIZDA First aid for nosebleeds, nasal plugs

Dr Dagmar Lohmann pharma + medical GmbH

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Kwizda first aid for

nosebleeds • Nose plugs impregnated with the blood-stopping substance m.doc
• hygienic - individually packaged
• unhindered continuation of all activities
• no risk of infection
• for children from 5 years of age
• belongs in every household

KWIZDA First aid for nosebleeds, nasal plugs:

Nosebleeds occur when the fine vessels of the nasal mucous membrane are injured and can be triggered by a fall or blow on the nose, blowing the nose too hard, drying out due to artificial air conditioning and acute infectious diseases. Despite the variety of causes, no real attention is paid to nosebleeds, as there is little blood loss and the bleeding can usually be stopped quickly. However, many people are more prone to nosebleeds and feel that their activities are severely restricted as a result. Of course, nosebleeds are particularly uncomfortable for children.

Kwizda first aid for nosebleeds is nasal plugs impregnated with the patented substance m.doc, which enlarge to a soft sponge when they come into contact with blood and stop capillary (superficial) bleeding quickly and effectively. m.doc is a hemostatic powder consisting of micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose (natural cotton derivative).

With conventional aids, such as cotton wool or paper handkerchiefs, there is a risk that the wound will tear open again when they are removed or that cotton or paper remnants that remain will cause infections in the nose. Kwizda First Aid for nosebleeds does not stick to the inner skin of the nose - the risk of the wound rupturing again is thus reduced. There is also no risk of infection because the nasal plugs are hygienically packaged and there are no residues of the nasal plug left in the nose. Kwizda First Aid for nosebleeds does not act as an insulating layer and therefore allows an unhindered healing process.

Kwizda First Aid for nosebleeds belongs in every first-aid kit and every household.