L-TRYPTOPHAN 500 mg capsules 180 pcs

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L-tryptophan capsules from ZeinPharma ®

In order to stay physically and mentally fit, we need longer periods of rest. The essential amino acid tryptophan plays a crucial role in healthy sleep. It serves as a preliminary stage of the so-called "happiness hormone" serotonin, which together with melatonin is responsible, among other things, for our sleep-wake cycle. An additional dose of L-tryptophan can increase the serotonin level in the blood, which in turn means that more melatonin can be formed and ultimately the duration and quality of sleep can be improved.

L-tryptophan capsules
• Fall asleep faster without getting used to it • 100% natural L-tryptophan certified with the vegan quality seal
• Pure substance in fermented quality

Your advantages of the L-tryptophan capsules from ZeinPharma ® :
• Optimally dosed: 500 mg body-identical L-tryptophan in each capsule
• Highly pure tryptophan from natural, plant-based fermentation
• Best vital substance in premium quality
• 100% vegan and free from gluten, lactose and Soy
• Our product is regularly tested by German and independent laboratories
• Developed and produced by our pharmaceutical experts at our headquarters in Nauheim, Hesse, Germany

Dietary supplements L-TRYPTOPHAN are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.