MOBILAT ointment 50g arthritis in knee, joint pain


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  • Mobilat ointment, a preparation containing the composition of substances with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and przeciwwysiękowym. The ointment is applied in the case of injuries and local inflammation, pain associated with osteoarthritis.

polyphenyl mukopolisacharydowy 0.2 g salicylic acid 2.0 g, adrenal gland bark extract (containing 20 mg of adrenal steroids), 1.0 g, ointment 100.0 g
Excipients: disodium edetate, thymol, isopropyl alcohol, ethanolamine, myristyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, emulsifying ointment base wax, stearic acid, glycerol 85%, purified water.

Mobilat ointment, has anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative and analgesic. Anti-inflammatory effects of salicylic acid and adrenal cortex extract mainly by inhibiting prostaglandins biosynthesis and release of lysosomal enzymes and other inflammatory mediators.Furthermore, from the adrenal cortex extract inhibits capillary permeability, exerting anti-exudative, and salicylic acid - with a keratolytic properties - facilitates the absorption of active substances through the skin. Polyphenyl mukopolisacharydowy have antithrombotic effect and stimulates the metabolic processes of cells contributing to the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. After topical application formulation the active ingredients penetrate into the underlying tissues under the skin, exerting analgesic and anti.

The ointment is applied in post-traumatic states and local zaplanych, osteoarthritis and periarticular tissues and locally in the case of inflamed joints in rheumatic diseases.

Apply 5-15 cm ointment on the affected areas 1-3 times a day, gently massaging the skin. The ointment can also be used in the occlusive dressings (the dose may be increased ointments) or in combination with physical therapy.