NORMOLAX Regular powder 100g + 100g FREE, high fiber diet

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  • Normolax Regular is a rich source of fiber. It is designed to support regular bowel movements and protect the gastrointestinal tract. The product can be used daily because it does not get used to your body more fiber.

Wheat fibers, defatted flax powder, inulin powder, apple, seed hulls ispaghula, flavor, citric acid.

Action: Thanks to the linen, the product provides the body with fiber positively affecting fat metabolism and normal metabolism. It provides a feeling of satiety. It contains mucous substances coating and osłaniająco acting on the gastrointestinal tract. Wheat fibers but helps in a natural way to fight constipation and maintain regular bowel movements. It improves metabolism and decreases hunger, by making it easier to lose weight. The content of husk ispaghula affects the stimulation of metabolism and beneficial effect on the regularity of bowel movements. It also contributes to the improvement of immunity.

Indications: Especially recommended for people on a diet and having a sedentary lifestyle and problems with regular bowel.

How to use: 1 or 2 teaspoons of the product should be eaten directly or mixed with a liquid, preferably half an hour before a meal . Then drink abundant liquid.