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NOVARIX Purpose:

Novarix is ​​a preparation that keeps veins healthy, elastic and toned. It provides the body with substances essential for the condition of the venous wall.

Novarix has a beneficial effect on the veins and their valvular apparatus throughout the body. Its effect is especially pronounced in the superficial veins of the lower extremities and the perianal area - varicose veins, dilated capillaries and hemorrhoids.

Novarix works against the root cause of venous disease, namely vascular wall weakness. At the same time, Novarix is ​​a venotonic (increases venous tone), vasoprotector (increases the resistance of small blood vessels) and suppresses the inflammatory process.

NOVARIX Active ingredients:

Flavonoids in purified micronized form 500mg

Hydrolyzed collagen type III, which builds a fine network in the wall of blood vessels 100mg

Elastin, which provides the tone and elasticity of the vascular wall 50mg

The biologically active substances in the composition of NOVARIX provide an excellent working formula against venous diseases:

Collagen type III

There are over 20 types of collagen in the human body. Of these, type III collagen is most important for blood vessels. Its fibers form a fine network in the wall of blood vessels, which maintains their shape, structure and volume. The strength of the collagen network determines the strength of the vessel wall. The additional intake of collagen type III provides the body with the opportunity to keep the walls of blood vessels healthy . Collagen type III in the composition of NOVARIX is hydrolyzed, which makes its absorption by the body quickly and safely.


The elastin in NOVARIX is another important building block of the vascular wall, which ensures its tone and elasticity . When the elastin has the correct structure and in sufficient quantity, the vessel wall is able to withstand additional loads caused by prolonged standing, long sitting in one place, incorrect posture and more.


Flavonoids suppress the inflammatory process in the vein wall. In addition, they increase the tone of the veins and normalize the permeability of the capillaries. As a result of these effects, the swelling and pain are reduced and then disappear completely. In addition, the flavonoids in NOVARIX protect capillaries and small vessels from a number of damaging factors (free radicals, inflammatory mediators) and increase their resilience and strength.

The flavonoids in NOVARIX are purified and micronized. This makes their absorption by the body faster and more complete, which leads to faster relief of symptoms.


A comprehensive approach is needed to prevent and treat venous diseases, so NOVARIX works against the cause of the disease by several mechanisms:

NOVARIX stimulates the synthesis of collagen type III and elastin, which increases the strength and elasticity of the vessel wall.

NOVARIX suppresses the inflammatory process in the wall and valves of the veins.

NOVARIX increases venous tone and normalizes capillary permeability.

NOVARIX protects capillaries and small blood vessels

As a result, NOVARIX:

- Reduces swelling and pain until their complete disappearance.

- Reduces the risk of complications and recurrences.


Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, take NOVARIX 1 tablet twice a day.

In acute hemorrhoidal crises, in order to achieve a faster effect, the administration of NOVARIX should be administered according to the following schedule:

3 times a day 2 tablets for 4 days, followed by
2 times a day 2 tablets for 3 days.
Then take the recommended daily dose - 2 times 1 tablet for a period of 30 to 90 days.

Although rare, you may experience stomach irritation at the beginning of the intake. In such cases, continue the course by taking NOVARIX during or after a meal.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Although rare, you may experience stomach irritation at the beginning of the intake. In such cases, continue the course by taking Novarix during or after a meal.

Tell your doctor if you are taking aspirin, anti-coagulants or metronidazole preparations.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.