Opokan (Meloxicam) 7.5mg tablets x 10


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Opokan (Meloxicam) 7.5mg tablets x 10

  • Opokan 7.5mg tablets is a drug indicated for use in osteoarthritis of bones and joints, manifested by nagging pain and limited mobility. It contains the active substance Meloxicam, which also acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Also in rheumatoid diseases.

Opokan (Meloxicam) Composition:

7.5 mg meloxicam.

The Opokan 7.5mg tablets is used in the short-term treatment of exacerbations of symptoms of rheumatoid diseases.

Opokan (Meloxicam) Dosage:

1 tablet a day, taken orally with a meal, washed down with water. Without consulting a doctor, the patient can not use the drug for more than 7 days.