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Osteo vitamin d and calcium, Calcium Osteo D3+


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Calcium Osteo D3+ 60 tablets, Osteo vitamin d and calcium

Calcium Polfa Osteo D3 is a multi-ingredient dietary supplement, rich in vitamin D and mineral salts. The product is recommended for women during menopause and for people on a diet.

The product Osteo vitamin d and calcium, Calcium Osteo D3+ contains substances such as

vitamin D - responsible for healthy bones and teeth, and also maintains the correct level of calcium in the blood,

calcium - supports muscle function,

zinc - takes part in cell synthesis and together with vitamin K1 contained in the preparation helps maintain healthy bones. ,

copper – protects the body against free radicals and is responsible for the transport of iron in the body.

Osteo vitamin d and calcium, Calcium Osteo D3+ Indications:

women in the perimenopausal period who may experience a decrease in bone mass,

people with limited physical activity,

people after long-term immobilization,

people exposed to calcium deficiency in the body (improper diet, drinking large amounts of coffee, smoking cigarettes).

Dosage Osteo vitamin d and calcium, Calcium Osteo D3+

It is recommended to take 1 tablet daily with a meal. The tablet should be taken with water.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


One tablet contains: 500 mg of calcium (in the form of calcium carbonate) - (62.5% RDA*), 10 mg of L-lysine, 5 mg of zinc (50% RDA*), 1 mg of copper (100% RDA*), 30 µg of vitamin K1 (40% RDA*), 5 µg of vitamin D3 (100% RDA*).