Patches with 100% organic cotton dressing for children (colored) 20 pieces


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  • Patches for children. Colorful slices with the dressing Bubej brand is a hygienic material made of organic, body-friendly cotton, which allows the body to breathe freely. The patches are characterized by good absorption and do not adhere to the wound!

78% organic cotton and 22% natural absorbent materials.
They do not contain pvc (polyvinyl chloride), they contain safe dyes.

Colorful, child-friendly slices with BJJJ dressing is a product absolutely necessary in your home medicine cabinet! In addition, thanks to the small size of the dressing, you can carry it always with you (in your wallet, in your purse) and be prepared for the event of a minor child accident - on a walk or during a trip. The patches are made of natural absorbing materials, which additionally allows the skin to breathe, and the morning or injury is well ventilated and heal faster! The patch does not adhere to the body, does not restrict the child's movements - it does not bother you! In addition, by choosing the Bjobj patch you can be sure that you reach for the highest quality material which has been confirmed by ICEA and Global Organic Textile Standard certificates. The product is suitable for Vegan and especially indicated for children with very sensitive and prone to allergies. The product has been dermatologically tested.

Patches with an organic cotton dressing is a product dedicated to children and indicated for the purpose of dressing minor wounds and cuts on the skin.

How to use:
Peel off the protective foil of the patch and stick it in place of the wound or cuts, then gently press the plaster with your fingers so that it does not peel off.

-Global Organic Textile Standard -
Suitable for Vegan