WLEWNIK RUBBER Sanity 2 liters

Albert Poland

£16.99 £30.00

  • RUBBER. Sanity Wlewnik rubber helps to maintain personal hygiene, is used to perform enemas and rinses.

Wlewnik rubber Sanity is a versatile equipment to perform enemas. The set includes two sets of terminals - for irrigation vagina (longer end) and rectal enema (shorter end). Fluid bag has a capacity of up to 2 liters, which improves the efficiency of the procedure being performed.

Package Contents:
The end of the enema, the tip of the irrigation hose, tap, fluid bag.

Before using consult your doctor for the selection of a suitable fluid. Use as intended. Before using wlewnik should be washed with soap and water and a hot bath. Damaged wlewnik not suitable for use.