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BORELISS PRO x 60 capsules, immune system supplements


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  • BorelissPro is a dietary supplement that alleviates the effects of tick bites and is indicated to raise the immunity of people suffering from boleriozę. Product developed based on plant extracts and patented formula of antioxidants.

extract of the herb purge 10: 1 (Cistus IncanusL.) BorellisPro (proprietary formulation of antioxidants derived from fruits and vegetables), root extract Szczeci common 10: 1 (Dipsacus silvester), extracts of garlic, 10: 1 (Allium sativum L .), extract of oregano 10: 1 (Origanum vulgare), extract knotweed Japanese 10: 1 (Polygonum cuspidatum), a component of the capsule gelatin - sheath component. the content of the ingredients in the daily portion of the product: extract of the herb cleansing 1 capsule 35mg, 2 capsules 70mg BorellisPro (proprietary formulation of antioxidants) 1 capsule 25mg, 2 capsules 50mg root extract Szczeci simplex 1 capsule 25mg, 2 capsule 50mg extract of garlic 1 capsule of 20 mg, 2 capsules of 40 mg extract of oregano 1 capsule of 20 mg, 2 capsules of 40 mg extract of knotweed Japanese 1 capsule 20mg, 40mg capsules 2 Action: BorellisPro is a unique, expertly developed a formulation whose task is natural and effective stimulation of the body's defense mechanism (immune system) of people suffering from tick-borne boleriozę and suffering from the effects of tick bites. Each of the components of the product BorellisPro, was chosen due to its rich chemical composition carrying our body invaluable resource: phenolic compounds, chlorogenic acid, iridoids and alkaloids. In addition BorellisPro also contains a patented formula of antioxidants derived from fruits and vegetables - at an even greater extent and more effectively protects the cells against free radicals and reduces the process of rapid aging. In composition we find: herbs purge extract, garlic, root extract Szczeci common extract knotweed Japanese extract, oregano - components immunostimulatory and cleansing of toxins and other harmful chemicals lingering in the human body.Application: BorellisPro is a completely natural dietary supplement, whose task is to stimulate the body's immunology and mitigate the troublesome consequences of tick bites. How to use: 1-2 capsules a day.