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Home Remedies For Cold and flu

Home Remedies For Cold. Dietary supplements and innovative preparations created on a natural formula - for both children and adults, which are extremely helpful in relieving troublesome symptoms of colds and flu. Pills, lozenges, syrups, aerosols - soothing sore throat and hoarseness of therapeutic substances with analgesic and anti-inflammatory or based on natural, herbal composition containing ingredients for alleviating and hydrating. Preparations restoring free breath: patches, ointments, drops, herbal teas, brine, and supplements to help expectoration or mitigating symptoms of dry, tiresome cough. The offer could not miss preparations in the form of a spray, drops, nose spray in the course of colds and sinusitis, and sets a specialist rinsing the nose and sinuses, such as: FixSin or SinusRinse. Sitemap