Are all of your products genuine?
Yes, all of our products are 100% genuine and are sourced from across Europe to enable us to offer you the best possible prices. All products come in their original retail packaging unless otherwise stated.

My country is not listed in your shipping options, will you still deliver to me?

No, we do not delivery to any countries other than those listed under any circumstances.

Can I collect my purchase from your premises?
No, we do not currently allow customers to collect purchases in person.

Would you consider accepting a lower price for the item?
No, all prices are fixed and lower offers will not be accepted or considered.

I would like to order more than one of the same item, will I have to pay additional shipping for each one?
No. If you order more than one of the same item you will only pay one shipping charge. Note: You cannot combine different products from our Store into one shipping charge.


We allow customers to order goods which are not UK warehouses. 
They are after the payment is delivered within 3 - 25 days. The customer may at any time change your mind and we will immediately refund.We will refund your money if the item does not reach you within 60 days.

When do I get to receive my order I paid for it full price but I haven't got an email w the tracking number or anything?

The item has not yet arrived from our EU warehouses. Goods from the EU ride for 5-12 days. We will send you the tracking code for the product within 5-12 days.

Can you please send your bank details.

We've already sent you an invoice with bank details. Pre-invoice bank details.

Can we cancel our order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 30 days.

I saw some item on your website which i really loved and i will like to purchase them, Let me know if you ship to Turkey. In regards to payment, do you accept credit card (Master/Visa )? I would have listed the items needed but i wanted to be sure you can ship to Turkey.

We send to the whole world. Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard payments.

How do I pay for this item? 

We have sent you a Payzone form for payment.

I will like to place an order to Managua Nicaragua. However i will like to know if you accept private pickup if you don't offer shipment option to the delivery location? and let me know the credit card type you accept (US Master, Visa Card) as form of payment. It will be appreciated if you return my email with price sheets of your products. 



I would like to buy 9 phlebodia 600 mg because I use them frequently. 
Could you tell me what the expiration date is?
If I am going to buy them online they have to be valid at least untill January 2020

 We use long terms of the goods. Up to 2 years.

Am Alex from Indonesia. I would like to purchase Moller Trans Cod Fish Oil (tutti frutti, lemon and natural) in total of 200+ bottle. I am arranging my transport from UK. Mind to quote me without UK VAT? 

Sorry but not.

My order was declined. Please explain why. Thanks 

The transaction that failed due to 3D secure happened as when our system went to Visa to complete the 3d Secure check, Visa failed the check for this card. 

I think my card was accepted after Visa made sure the  transaction was ok. I got a confirmation number. Was it accepted on your end. Thanks for quick response.

Its really the options of payment, if you had paypal or card payment option one would pay immediately , it takes too long to wait for an invoice, bank transfers etc, recommend it for the future

Thank you. But with Paypal, we've been friends for many years, and they have deceived us. They are scammers.

I need dollar or euro account for bank transfer. Thanks

Thanks for the question. And for what reasons? Our bank accepts all currencies. 

The bank is multi-national. We have many examples where people and businesses transfer money from your country to our country's bank without any problems.