BRIZ for men over 50 56 capsules

Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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BRIZ for men over 50 56 capsules

BRIZ for men over 50 offers men what they are looking for - fast results for better prostate health and a better life. Receiving a solution to the annoying urinary symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, men regain the desired peace during the day and at night:

-Reduces the frequency of urination during the first month of therapy

-Drastically reduces annoying sleep interruptions due to the need to urinate

-Quick solution for frequent visits to the toilet.


Breeze contains soy extract, which changes the quality of life of men.


It is produced through a unique fermentation process that increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient extracted from soy.

The effect of Breeze can be felt during the first month of intake, providing men with the desired relief during the day and especially at night.


BRIZ for men over 50 Composition:


1 capsule contains SC012 soy extract 400mg (derived from non-GMO soy)


BRIZ for men over 50 Dosage:


2 times a day, 1 capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

Food supplement.

It is not a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Manufacturer : SE-CURE Pharmaceutic Ltd., Israel.