CUTIPLAST Plus sterile 10x24.8 cm bandage

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CUTIPLAST Plus sterile 10x24.8 cm bandage

Sterile non-woven wound dressing for the care of postoperative wounds.

CUTIPLAST Plus sterile is a post-operative wound dressing made of fleece with a particularly skin-friendly adhesive.

The wound pad has a special coating that minimizes sticking to the wound. CUTIPLAST Plus sterile is soft and cuddly, so that the bandage also adheres securely to parts of the body that move a lot.
The water vapor permeability minimizes skin maceration.

Rounded corners prevent the dressing from rolling up.

Properties and benefits
CUTIPLAST Plus sterile is soft and cuddly and also adheres securely to contoured parts of the body.

The water vapor permeability prevents skin maceration. The particularly skin-friendly adhesive is also suitable for sensitive skin.
The wound pad with a special coating ensures an atraumatic dressing change and cushions the wound. In addition, it has a good absorption capacity.
The all-round adhesive bandage protects the wound from contamination. The rounded corners minimize unwanted curling of the dressing corners.

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Air and water vapor permeable
  • latex free

Areas of application
CUTIPLAST Plus sterile is suitable for use on abrasions, cuts and postoperative wounds.