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DUREX CLASSIC Condoms 18 pieces


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DUREX CLASSIC Condoms 18 pieces

Durex Classic condoms


are 18 classic condoms in an easy-on shape. Durex Classic is the perfect choice for those who love sex and safety. Classic is a condom with a reservoir. Made of hypoallergenic, natural latex rubber and soaked in Sensitol moisturizer, which does not contain spermicide.

Other DUREX CLASSIC information:

- smooth

- with lubricant

- electronically and dermatologically tested -

nominal width: 56 mm

- easy-on shape

- no latex odor


Thanks to the specially designed shape, Durex Easy-On condoms are easier to put on and more comfortable to use.

Thanks to special manufacturing technology, Durex condoms have a more pleasant smell.

Durex not only meets global standards for condom production, but exceeds them, giving you confidence and joy in sex.

Every day, millions of people around the world trust Durex, a brand with over 80 years of experience.

Using Durex Play lubricants with condoms can enhance the experience. All intimate gels from the Durex Play series can be safely used with condoms, unlike lubricants based on oily substances that may damage the condom.