Emolium body lotion 400ml


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  • Emolium - emulsion for the body - daily nutrition and care of skin: dry and very dry, irritated and atopic and rough.

triglycerides of fatty acids - caprylic and capric acid (4%), shea butter (4%), macadamia oil (3%), urea (3%), sodium hyaluronate (1%), paraffin oil (5%), Fucogel® (3%), panthenol (1%), allantoin (0.5%), glycerol (2.5%).

Body Emulsion provides a multi-faceted operation:
- nourishes and regenerates the skin's lipid coat
- provides intercellular lipids
- moisturizes and binds water in the skin

Everyday nourishment and care of the skin:
- dry and very dry
- irritated and rough
- atopic,

To use:
Apply a thin layer of emulsion on a thoroughly cleansed skin all over the body. Especially recommended is the use of the product after each wash.