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Eye wash, TIMA OCULAV solution

OPTIMA Pharmazeutische GmbH

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TIMA OCULAV Eye wash solution

Pack size:250mlDosage form:Solution

tima-oculav® - eye wash

Phosphate buffer solution for rinsing the eyes in the event of chemical burns

Active ingredients

  • 4.4 mg sodium dihydrogen phosphate-2-water
  • 40.4 mg disodium hydrogen phosphate-12 water


  • Water for injections

tima-oculav® - eye wash

tima-oculav eye wash is a non-prescription medical product for rinsing the eyes, the conjunctival sac and the skin.

To be used after chemical burns caused by:

  • Acids or alkalis
  • pepper spray
  • CS combat gas
  • Tear gas.

Flushing should occur as soon as possible after contact with the offending substance and must continue until the offending substance is flushed out. A doctor should then be consulted.

When used on the eye, the strength of the jet on the eye, which is held open with the other hand, can be regulated by pressing on the rinsing bottle. Insert additional bottles if necessary.

Eye wash, TIMA OCULAV solution