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Hair treatment for damaged hair | REVALID shampoo with proteins 250ml

Ewopharma AG

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  • Hair treatment for damaged hair. Revalid shampoo for daily care, especially for dry and hair treatment for damaged hair. Specially selected complex of ingredients nourishes and delicately cleanses the surface of the hair.

Revalid, a preparation known on the Polish market from capsules being an oral supplement used to strengthen and restore hair and nails, Hair treatment for damaged hair was enlarged with a line of hair care cosmetics. The ingredients of Revalid cosmetics and capsules are selected so as to complement each other's action - quickly and effectively rebuild the health and beauty of hair and nails.

According to the opinion of dermatologists, caring for the proper condition of hair and nails, they should be cultivated at the same time from the inside and outside. "In a situation where we do not provide the body with food the appropriate amount of substances necessary for proper functioning, we can not weaken the negative effects of external factors .This leads to deterioration of the health and appearance of nails and hair .Therefore, it is recommended to use supplements and properly selected care preparations . " - says Dr. Ewa Dawidowicz, a dermatologist, member of the Aesthetic Dermatology Association.

Revalid is a complex formula that contains ingredients responsible for building and nourishing hair and nails, Hair treatment for damaged hair, and stimulating metabolic processes that accompany their formation. In addition to a specially selected set of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, preparations from the Revalid line contain amino acids, which in a special way are responsible for the appearance, Hair treatment for damaged hair and condition of hair and nails. Sulfur amino acids (cysteine ​​and methionine) are the main building blocks of hair and nails. They are necessary for the proper synthesis of keratin, the basic protein component of hair and nails. Cysteine ​​accounts for approximately 17% of the hair composition, while methionine accounts for approx. 0.5%. Their deficiency in the body results in the loss of gloss and elasticity of the hair and then their splitting, loss and deterioration of the health of nails. The use of a chelate formula (a combination of amino acids with oligoelements) provides increased product performance. Thanks to oligoelements (iron, copper, zinc) amino acids are protected and transported along with the bloodstream to the places where they can most effectively affect the hair roots and nail matrix. The chelation process also causes the ingredients in the preparations to be absorbed much better, resulting in the unique effectiveness of Revalid Hair treatment for damaged hair.

Daily care shampoo, especially for dry and damaged hair. Specially selected complex of ingredients nourishes and delicately cleanses the surface of the hair. Thanks to natural proteins, the hair acquires a healthy and natural look, is softer and susceptible to laying.