IMMUNOTROFINA COUGH oral spray 30ml, sore throat and cough remedies


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  • IMMUNOTROFINA COUGH buccal spray coater is a product running on the airways mucosa. It soothes hoarseness and brings relief from persistent dry cough (reducing the frequency and intensity).

IMMUNOTROFINA COUGH oral spray ore throat and cough remedies Composition:
Liquid extract of poppy fieldstone, liquid extract of marshmallow, honey, glycerol, polysorbate 20, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, nisin, EDTA disodium salt, flavoring, acesulfame K, purified water.

IMMUNOTROFINA COUGH oral spray ore throat and cough remedies Action:
Aerosol oral characterized by complex natural composition. Exhibits properties of coating and soothing the pharynx (extract of marshmallow). In addition, bactericidal activity (honey). Supports the treatment of respiratory infections and soothes dry cough. Reduces the frequency and intensity, and favorably affects the condition of the vocal cords (supporting the removal of hoarseness). In addition, aerosol protects the upper respiratory tract by the action of environmental factors.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation ingredients

IMMUNOTROFINA COUGH oral spray ore throat and cough remedies  Indications: The product is recommended for use in case of hoarseness and dry cough - symptoms associated with: infections of the upper respiratory tract and tonsils and throat, vocal cords overload, allergies; whether caused by the action of smoke, dust or fumes.

Apply topically, orally. The tip of the dispenser to enter into the mouth and press firmly. Use spray 2 x 3-4 / 24.