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IRRIGATOR (irrigation) COMPLETE plastic 1 l

Dr. Junghans Medical GmbH

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IRRIGATOR (irrigation) COMPLETE plastic 1 l

Pack size: 1 pc

Irrigator made of plastic in various sizes, also available as individual parts (e.g. hose, set, cup).

For flushing out cavities in the body.


Dr. Junghans® Irrigator (irrigation) 

An irrigator is used to direct liquids into the intestines or vagina under different pressure conditions using a hose and irrigator set.

(irrigation) Application:
Assemble the irrigator parts as follows:

  • Insert the hose onto the connector provided on the irrigator cup as far as it will go.
  • Now push the tap into the other side of the hose.
  • Now screw either the enema tube or the mother tube tightly onto the faucet.


Never use the irrigator if the individual components cannot be assembled as described above.

You can change the pressure by raising or lowering the cup.

The irrigator is not a toy. Small parts that can be swallowed. Children may only use the product under adult supervision.

The product must be checked for external damage before each use.

Cleaning is carried out using commercially available, non-caustic cleaning agents.


1 liter