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LANSINOH HPA Lanolin 40ml. Lansinoch


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LANSINOH HPA Lanolin Ingredients: 100% purified lanolin.

Application: Soothes, heals and protects irritated nipples

It does not contain any preservatives or additives

Safe for mother and baby

Lansinoh lanolin is purified by a patented technology to remove all allergenic components. Due to the intensive purification process, it may not be removed before breastfeeding.

LANSINOH HPA Lanolin Instructions for use
Lanolin is applied after each breastfeeding or more often if necessary. Dry the nipples with a clean swab. With clean hands, take as much as one pea and mash it between your fingers. Apply it to the whole grain. If necessary, put a small amount of Lanolin in the center of the breast pad. Lansinoch is hypoallergenic, so it does not need to be removed before breastfeeding.
Apply twice a day before birth to soften and keep the skin healthy and supple. In order to help protect sensitive nipples, you can also apply Lansinoh before a shower. In case of complications during breastfeeding, please consult a specialist.

Other applications of Lansinoch
Lansinoch is also suitable for other superficial skin injuries. Protects and soothes baby's delicate skin from redness caused by diaper friction. It is applied to the affected areas at each diaper change. Forms a semi-permeable protective barrier on the surface of the skin and its elasticity.
It is also suitable as a cream that prevents the formation of calluses on the feet (apply two hours before a walk).

LANSINOH HPA Lanolin Quality guarantee
Lansinoh HPA lanolin is the most strictly controlled lanolin worldwide. Regular tests are performed in specialized laboratories for the presence of detergents and pesticides. Unique, patented purification technology; provides the production of lanolin for medical purposes, which is used by Lansinoh laboratories in the production of Lansinoh cream for nursing mothers.