MANUKA Oil 100% 5ml


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  • MANUKA 100% is a natural product with extremely strong antiseptic properties. Effectively destroys bacteria and fungi (which cause various types of infections). Works anti-inflammatory.

100% pure Manuka oil
- 100% natural aroma
- no parabens
- no glycol
- no artificial colors
- silicone
- no Phenoxyethanolu
- without PEG and SLS
- without GMO ingredients
- physiological pH
- hypoallergenic

Action: This
product is pure Manuka tree oil from New Zealand. It is characterized by extremely strong antiseptic action. Experiences prove that it is 5 times stronger than penicillin. It fights bacteria and fungi and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Provides excellent protection for people suffering from diabetes and who have problems with long healing of wounds. Just one application of essential oil on the wound to significantly accelerate the process of regeneration of the epidermis and wound healing. The product is characterized by its wide spectrum of application.

Oil is recommended for use in fungal infections of the skin and nail plate, bed sores, skin disorders, skin inflammation, herpes, ulcers, difficult to heal wounds, injuries, burns, burns, external genital inflammation, seborrhea, respiratory infections , Rheumatic ailments of the rheumatic nature, traumatized muscles, nervous tension, disorders of the nervous system. Also indicated for prophylaxis of infections and insect bites.

Apply externally. In the case of wounds, use the oil directly on the damaged skin. At fingernails nail is recommended to wet the nails with 100% oil and then rub for about 20 seconds. Repeat x 2 / 24h (morning and evening). For fragile nails use a solution made from 100 ml olive oil and 40 drops of 100% Manuka Oil. Pour it into a dark bottle and shake well to mix the ingredients. Measure a teaspoon of the prepared solution and pour into a bowl and then soak in the nails. Finally, rub the nail preparation. For foot fungal infections rub 100% Manuka Oil directly into the skin, repeating the activity x 2-3 / 24h.

Not tested on animals
Suitable for Vegan