NOVOXIDYL tonic, excessive hair loss, esculina


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NOVOXIDYL tonic 75ml, excessive hair loss, esculina

  • Novoxidyl tonic (esculina) is a product recommended for use in conditions of excessive hair loss and to revitalize the hair bulb. Operation of toner based on the original opatetnowanej and tested clinically active substance - Triaminodil.


NOVOXIDYL tonic, excessive hair loss, esculina Other substances:

Esculina - herbal substance acting vasodilator, increasing local blood circulation and helps to better nutrition hair follicles and acid lauric decreasing the production of sebum in the hair follicles, thus contributing to a reduction in the process of hair loss and stimulate their growth .

NOVOXIDYL tonic, excessive hair loss, esculina Usage:

Your scalp tonic spray and spread gently massaging to absorb. In the initial period of tonic used two times a day in an amount of 1 ml to 2 ml (5-10 batches, depending on the volume of the hair) by approx. 60 days. Depending on the effects of using it is recommended to reduce the frequency of application to 1 time per day, which is often followed by even exceeding the recommended 60 days of use.