PILONYX 500mg x 60 tablets, algae, bamboo, nettle, lucerne, aerosil


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  • PILONYX (algae, bamboo, nettle, lucerne, aerosil) is a natural dietary supplement that positively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nail plate, significantly improving their appearance.

(1 tablet): horsetail 150 mg, algae 118 mg, bamboo 100 mg, nettle 50 mg, lucerne 50 mg, aerosil 50% subst. Bonding 30 mg, magnesium stearate - subst. Anti-caking 2 mg.

The product belongs to a broad category of complex dietary supplements. Its composition includes essential ingredients for the proper functioning of the organism. The horsetail extract is a source of beneficial silicon responsible for regulating the moisturizing of the connective tissue so that the skin becomes smooth and looks healthy. In addition, this substance positively affects the condition of the hair, preventing their graying and splitting of the nail. Nettle works diuretically and regulates the excessive secretion of sebum.

Use the preparation to strengthen the skin, hair and nails.

For oral use in a dose of 1-2 tablets. X 2 / 24h.