Robert Graham Courage Decanter Bottle Eau de Toilette 250ml Splash

Robert Graham

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Robert Graham Courage Decanter Bottle Eau de Toilette 250ml Splash.

The Art of Speed and Style. An essence unmistakably crowned with a symbol for the drivers and those driven in life - The Racer. The Courage Blended Essence by Robert Graham embodies the attitude of thrill seekers skimming the curves of Monaco and the cliffs of the Pacific Coast.

The Robert Graham Courage Cologne is a rare blended essence for men of speed who have a passion for risk taking and a penchant for style. Courage Cologne Fragrance Notes:

A smooth top note of classic vodka citron merges with fresh bergamot and is finished with a subtle smoky guaiac wood to instantly evoke a thrill-seeking drive along the ocean cliffs. 250ml. Find a men's designer fragrance to suit your style today.

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  • Courage by Robert Graham Blended Essence Specifications.
  • Capacity: 8.4 oz
  • Gender: Men.
  • Package Quantity: 1.
  • Excellent Quality.