SUTRICON Silicone patches for scars 5 x 30cm x 5 pieces


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  • Silicone patches for scars. SUTRICON is an innovative silicone patch that helps eliminate any abnormalities in the healing of scars. The patches relieve pain, pruritus and skin tightness caused by the process of proper scarring of skin lesions.

Sutricon Silicone patches for scars, is an innovative and easy to apply method for a clear reduction of unsightly or overgrown scars on the skin. The patches are perfectly tolerated, have no side effects or cause allergies. Sutricon scars, relieve symptoms associated with normal scarring, and greatly eliminate pain, itching and a feeling of tight skin. Regular application of patches also affects the brightening and smoothing of scars. The material from which the patches are made is invisible and odorless, which makes the product extremely discreet. In addition, the patches do not dirty the underwear and you can easily adjust the size of the patch to the individual surface of the scar. Can be used on all skin surfaces.

Sutricon Silicone patches for scars, effectively prevent the formation of abnormal scars and treat overgrown scars and keloids. The patches also alleviate the ailments that accompany normal scarring - they eliminate pain, itching and the feeling of tight skin.

How to use:
The best effect is obtained by replacing the patch every 24 hours. It is possible to use the patch for a maximum of 5 days. It is recommended to take off the patch once a day, clean the scar with a neutral soap and dry it. In order to adjust the size of the patch to the surface of the scar, it is possible to cut it.