Veera varicose tights 40 DEN natural color, size 4 x 1 piece

Cabifi Biancalani

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  • Veera varicose tights 40 DEN natural color, size 4 responsible for the delicate micro and oppression preventive. Prevent stagnation of blood flow and the formation of edema and spider veins.

78% Nylon, 22% Spandex

Veera varicose tights 40 DEN natural color, size 4 are elegant and made ​​with high quality materials. They contain Lycra fiber, and reinforced heel and toe, so the product is more durable and resistant to damage. Cause a slight pressure preventive 13-17 mmHg. He brings relief and comfort legs exposed to the development of
varicose veins. It improves blood circulation and prevents swelling and cracking blood vessels. The product looks identical to usual tights (also has a reinforced part of the panties). 4 size fits wearers clothes size 46-48, weighing 70-82 kg. Veera varicose tights 40 DEN thanks mikromasażowi help to reduce cellulite. Perfectly fit to the shape of the body.

- hypersensitivity to the product

It is recommended to use pantyhose for women who complain of problems with edema, spider veins and the severity of the lower limbs.Indicated for the prophylaxis of varicose veins (especially in individuals genetically loaded).

How to use:
Use like regular pantyhose.