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4FLEX x 30 sachets Beneficial effect on bone and muscle tissue

Valeant (ICN)

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4Flex through natural collagen content nourishes the cartilage.

Beneficial effect on bone and muscle tissue, and is building component of joint structures.

4FLEX Ingredients:
10g of collagen hydrolyzate Fortigel

4FLEX Action:
The preparation is based on natural collagen, which is a source of bioactive peptides. Excels in time recovery in case of injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Collagen is building joints and supports regeneration and nutrition of cartilage. In addition, a strengthening effect on bone tissue and supports the work of the muscles. The preparation increases the mobility and significantly improves the quality of life. Moreover, thanks to the content of collagen favorable effect also on the condition of hair, skin and nail plate.

Use in athletes and people amateur athletes, people of advanced age and those who are overweight and obese. Also recommended for various kinds of injuries within the musculoskeletal system (dislocations, sprains, ligament rupture).

Use daily oral administration of one sachet / 24 dissolved in 100 ml of water or milk for at least 12 weeks.