ALTACET gel 75g, knee injuries, shoulder injuries


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  • ALTACET. The indications for the use of the gel Altacet are bruises, swelling and joint trauma, swelling caused by burns I °.

1 g of gel contains 10 mg octanowinianu alumina.

Action: The preparation for external use of anti-inflammatory, astringent, a decongestant, refrigerating, slightly disinfectant and relieving pain.Changes the pH of the skin and swells the skin. Produces an acidic environment unfavorable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.Preparation is a cooling effect due to the presence of menthol, evaporation of water, ethanol and acetic acid. Menthol also reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings in the skin and results in local vasodilation. Astringency is associated with coagulation proteins on the surface of the tissue, this also applies to the sensory nerves and causes pain relief within the inflammatory focus. Indications:Bruises, swelling of the joints and trauma, swelling caused by burns I °. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation. Do not use on open wounds and extensive in the case of skin infections.

Dosage: Externally: apply on painful areas 3-4 times a day, preferably in the form of wraps.

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