6x9 in cm GUTTAPLAST wart plasters 6x9 cm

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6x9 in cm GUTTAPLAST wart plasters 6x9 cm

wart plasters : Guttaplast wart plaster 6 x 9cm, 1 piece plaster for effective wart removal

Guttaplast, 1.39 g active plaster for adults and children from 2 years of age (active ingredient: salicylic acid). B. Corns (clavus), calluses (callus), warts (verrucae).
Note: Contains wool wax (may contain butylated hydroxytoluene).

For 6x9 in cm GUTTAPLAST wart plasters 6x9 cm wart plasters information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

6x9 in cm GUTTAPLAST wart plasters 6x9 cm - plaster for effective wart removal Recommendation for

- For removing severe keratinization, eg warts, corns or calluses
- Before use, clean the skin thoroughly with soap and then dry it off
- Cut the Guttaplast wart plaster to the size of the wart. The patch should completely cover the wart and should not come into contact with healthy skin
. - Remove the protective film, stick on Guttaplast and press firmly. It is important to ensure that only keratinized skin is covered with the plaster. The adjacent healthy skin must be carefully covered.
- Fix the Guttaplast wart plaster securely with a Hansaplast fixation plaster so that it does not slip
- After 2 days: remove the plaster and apply a new one according to the previous steps.
- After 4 days: Remove the softened callus in a warm soap or salt bath - if necessary with careful support from e.g. B. Rubbing with a compress or peeling with the help of tweezers. The skin areas to be removed appear whitish softened by the application. If necessary, treat the affected area with Hansaplast wound spray and a suitable plaster, e.g. B. Hansaplast Classic.
- Is your wart stubborn? Just repeat the application.

6x9 in cm GUTTAPLAST wart plasters 6x9 cm Product features:


  • Effective wart removal
  • Short duration of use
  • With 60% salicylic acid