Boiron Gelsemium sempervirens 15 CH granules 4g, muscle weakness, anxiety


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Boiron Gelsemium sempervirens 15 CH granules 4g, muscle weakness, anxiety.

Plant - Gelsemium sempervirens, family. Loganievi bushy tree of North America. 

-Grabnachno Marrow nerves. 
-heart-Vascular system. 
-Ligavitsi The respiratory and digestive systems. 

-Bolki (Pain) In the muscles of the whole body, muscle weakness.
-Glavobolie (Head pain) Behind with irradiation to the neck and shoulders. 
-Diplopiya With fever and migraine. 
-Migrena Preceded by visual disturbances. 
-Tezhest Limb. 
-Chuvstvo (Feeling) Fatigue, general weakness, doze off and dullness. 
Sensibilities of impending cardiac arrest. 
Missing thirst during fever. 
-Priliv Of blood to the head with a crimson face. 
Coldest limbs. 
-Drazneshta Fever. 
-Afoniya Because of vocal cord paralysis. 
-Izpotyavane, Especially in the scrotum. 
-Morbilopodoben Rash. 

* flu 
* fear 
* anxiety 

Psychology and behavioral reactions 
-Potisnatost With obnubilatsiya, tremor, memory disorders, diarrhea or pollakiuria result of emotions. 
Are not acknowledged by examination and upcoming events. 
-Fobii - Systemic fear: klaustro-, thermal, agora-, anatropofobiya. 
-Bezsanie, Anxiety of prior experience of events. 
-Tremor Of emotional origin. 
-Otkazvane Of cigarette smoking, alcohol, stimulants or tranquilizers, leading to tremors and nervous tension. 

Nervous system 
-Parezi And paralysis, facial paralysis after shingles; Paralysis Syndrome walking with crutches; Paralysis after serotherapy. 
-Motorni Paralysis caused fresh cerebrovascular accident, really myelopathies. Acute anterior poliomyelitis. Myasthenia in its infancy. 
-Oftalmichno Headaches - pain subsides with appearance and visual disturbances, apathy and prostration, and improvement occurs when standing on his head or copious urination. 
-Kongestivno Headache in the occipital region with irradiation to the neck and shoulder muscles, accompanied by a feeling of pain and bruises in the eyeballs. 
-Entsefalitna Form of influenza with prostration, tremors, congestion in the head with dark red face and severe headache, muscle pain, without thirst. 

-All States of adinamiya accompanied by Febryl-Littell and muscle aches. 
-Hrema Summer with fever and flu syndrome. 
-Eyakulatsiya Without erection. 
-Hipotoniya The uterus due to painful, prolonged and inefficient uterine activity.

* Anxiety, nervousness - x 5 pellets at bedtime, the dose can be repeated in case of awakening 
* Flu and flu-like symptoms, fatigue - x 5 pellets every 2 hours. If an improvement is assumed diluted 
* Diarrhea emotional basis - x 5 pellets every 20 minutes ARGENTUM NITRIKUM 9 CH + x 5 pellets every 20 minutes GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 15 CH. If an improvement is assumed diluted 
* Anxiety during pregnancy, immediately before birth - 10 x granules at rupture of membranes 
* Sunstroke - 10 pellets as possible in advance, and then 5 x granules / hour. Diluted doses depending on the observed improvement 
* Fear as a result of which the individual loses their abilities and feel a sudden urge to urinate and / or diarrhea - 3 x 5 granules / day, in the moments of most intense anxiety 
* Tremor emotional basis - 10 pellets on the eve of a stressful event and 10 granules 1 hour immediately before him 
* Anxiety, accompanied by tremors and urges to urinate and / or disorder - x 5 granules, as often as necessary