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ALINESS natural Young Barley Powder 250g PLUS Fibregum, weight loss


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  • Weight loss ALINESS natural Young Barley PLUS Fibregum is 100% powdered juice of young shoots of barley, which contains far more nutrients than the young barley with dried and ground shoots. Powder in 100% soluble in water!

Composition :
Powdered juice of young shoots of barley (Hordeum vulgare L), acacia fiber (FIBREGUM
TM )

The name of the substance

1 level teaspoon

2 level teaspoons

Powdered natural juice of young barley shoots



Acacia fiber (FIBREGUM TM)

1 g


ALINESS natural Young Barley PLUS Fibregum is 100% natural, keeping all the nutritional values ​​and the well-absorbed product in the form of powdered juice of young shoots of barley enriched with fiber Fibregum. The use of the dietary supplement Aliness powdered juice of young barley, makes the product much more valuable for our body than taking supplements containing dried and ground shoots raw material.

In addition, young barley Fibregum PLUS is a product completely safe in consumption and when dissolved in water all the active ingredients are quickly absorbed and assimilated by the body. Natural Young Barley Powder Plus has been enhanced with fiber acacia FIBREGUM, which speeds up the metabolism of fats, and its effect has been scientifically proven. The product is especially recommended for people with diets slimming and body cleansing, as well as for physically active people.

Young barley improves the intestinal function, promotes weight loss, helps the digestive tract, it is a source of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins. It supports the process of purification of the body. Significantly affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails, and also affects the body's vital force. Usage: Powder of young barley can be added to meals: cocktails fruit, vegetables, cereals, yogurts, soups or dissolve in water and drink. For people who like the taste of young barley recommend natural version of the tablet.