A-cerumen spray 40ml, ear cleaning

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  • Ear cleaning. A-cerumen is a product that ear cleaning, cleanses, dissolves and eliminates the residual wax in the ears. It prevents the accumulation of earwax.

salt solution alkylamido-polypeptide - 35.56 g
solution kokamidopropylu betaine - 6.00 g
PEG 120 methylglucose dioleate - 1.5 g
Base - QS 100g

The ear cleaning product is characterized by a complex, unique composition that allows used to dissolve and eliminate residual wax in the ears. In addition, it exhibits anti accumulation of earwax in the ear canals.Pospuszcza plugs woskowinowe.

The preparation should be used in adults, children and infants over 30 months of age for the treatment of ears (in the framework of hygiene and care).

- perforation of the tympanic membrane
- ear infection
- founded drainage

Use aural. Spray applied to the ear, repeating the operation if necessary. In the regular hygiene use x 2/7 days. When the concretion accumulated wax applied x 2 / 24h (morning and evening) for 3-4 days.